What is ‘snackable’ content?

Snackable Content in Content Marketing

Snackable content is a new catchphrase in digital marketing, even though the concept has been around for some time.

Snackable content are bite-sized chunks of information that you create for your website or social media. For example, below is an infographic I created for one of my clients to post on his blog and social media pages.

This infographic gives the readers a quick look at 4 Steps to take if they’ve been hurt at work. This bite size content is easy to read, has a purpose and communicates a clear message without being too wordy.

Why is it important to have snackable content?

Snackable content is perfect to use on social media sites where people only have a few seconds to browse their feed. It gets their attention and gives them a quick look at your company and what you do.

When used in a blog post, it works great as a featured image and helps to break up the content. It also allows you to take a deeper dive into the snackable content, creating an in-depth article that relates to the information you just gave them. In the example above, my client shows you the “4 Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured At Work”. But, in his blog post, he goes into detail for each one of those steps, bringing more knowledge and expertise to his readers.

Should You Start Creating Snackable Content?

By creating a content marketing plan that incorporates both in-depth content and ‘snackable’ content, you are giving your readers and potential customers the ability to ‘take a quick bite’ or to deep dive into your writings. To me, that’s a win-win.

If you want to develop a content marketing plan for your business, contact me. I’d love to help.

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