Custom Video Editing

Custom video edited and embedded into customer website

One of the services I offer that can greatly help with your overall content marketing strategy is video production and editing. I take on projects big or small.

In this example, my client wanted to create a video that would discuss the remote options to communicate with his clients during the Covid-19 pandemic. He is based in Southern California and I am in Las Vegas so I wasn’t able to come out and shoot the video for him. Instead, I instructed him on how to shoot a video with his iPad and how to share the video with me. He sent me the video clip, which allowed me to edit it. I added an intro & outro slide, music track, logo, and a custom title screen. I then uploaded it to his YouTube page and then embedded it into his website. He was thrilled with the quality of the final product and even more thrilled he had a hand in the making of the video.

A video I edited for my client, Sam Benevento, bankruptcy attorney.

In most cases, if you are local to the Las Vegas area, I can come to you to shoot the video. If you are out of town, we can do something similar as I did for my client above.

The process to place a video on your website requires:

  • Shooting the Video – this is where I would come to your location to film your video, or, where you would film it with your camera at your location and then send it to me.
  • Importing Video into Editing Software for Editing
  • Creating a Custom Edited Video for Your Use
  • Exporting the video into a format acceptable for video sites
  • Uploading the video into a video hosting site like YouTube
  • Embedding the video into your website, blog, social media pages, etc…

If you would like a custom video added to your website, or you would like to work on a video marketing campaign to increase your content marketing strategy and presence on YouTube and other video sites, contact me for a free quote.

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