Video Marketing Services

Video is increasingly becoming the ‘go-to’ choice for website users to get their information and video marketing is pretty much a necessity today. Whether it’s learning how-to do something of interest, learning about products and services, or just to sit and be entertained with silly viral videos or streaming movies or TV, video keeps us glued to our screens.

How I Help You Create Marketing Videos For Your Business

  • I will work with you on a video topic or video marketing concept.
  • I will then come into your storefront or business and take video footage that will be used in the videos.
  • I will bring the footage back to my video editing computer and will work on producing a video for you to use in your marketing.
  • I will create a YouTube Channel for you so you can upload your videos to YouTube (or Vimeo if you request it.)
  • I will then upload your videos and create content rich descriptions and keywords for your video to be found in their search.
  • I will work with you on growing your YouTube subscriber base.

Samples of My Video Marketing

A video I created for the homepage of

This is a wonderful video that showcases the service of Lupe Nielsen, fine woodworker. This video is shown silently on the homepage of her website, which adds eye-catching interactivity to the screen. When a visitor clicks on the video, it then opens into a new window that displays the video in full sound.

This How-to Care for your Birkenstocks has over 79,000 views on YouTube!

This was one of the very first videos I created for Desert Birkenstock. We shot this at night when their store was closed so they could show their customers ‘how-to care for their Birkenstock sandals’.

A video created to promote an upcoming event at a Retail Store for Small Business Saturday

This video’s purpose was to remind customers to ‘Shop Small’ on Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday). My customer used this on their email and social media marketing campaigns.

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