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Sell tickets to your event or registrations to your attendees with an event website.

Are you looking for a professional branded website for your business? Do you want to sell your products online and need an E-commerce Shopping Cart? Or do you have an annual event that you sell tickets or registrations and you need a website that will allow you to market your event and capture those visitors interested in attending?

Web Design Tailored to Your Company

I will help you create a professionally branded website that showcases your products and services. My web design service is affordable and includes the inital SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in every package. Contact me to discuss setting up a website for your business.

Sell Your Products Online with an E-commerce Shopping Cart Website

If you have a retail storefront and are looking to expand your sales online, I can help you set up a website with an e-commerce shopping cart.

I’ve helped both businesses & individuals set up affordable websites that allow them to sell their products online.

With your own storefront website, you will own all your customer data, and have a shopping cart that will support unlimited products & categories. You can create your own promotions, shipping rates, etc… YOU are in control of your own product line. Contact me to discuss your products or services that you’d like to sell, and I will help you make it happen!

Event Marketing Websites: Sell Tickets to Your Event or Register Users to Attend

I have helped charity events set up their own event websites. This allows the organization to sell tickets or registrations directly to their users without having to use a service like Active (where you pay a commission for them to capture payment.)  Instead, you capture payment through PayPal or credit card and YOUR organization keeps 100% of the sale.

With an event marketing website, you can post to your site and keep your audience / registrants updated on the event. This is especially helpful the closer it gets to the date of the event.

You can also sell tickets to spouses or non-participating registrants for just a lunch portion of the event. Or perhaps you’d like to sell T-shirts or merchandise for the event. All of this can be done with my Event Marketing Website package. Contact me to discuss your event and let’s set up a spectacular event website that will help you raise money for your organization.

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