Web Design Notes: Slideshows Add Functionality and Feature to your Website

Web Design Notes: Slideshows add functionality and features to your website

You’ve seen slideshows a million times, but do you realize how important these slideshow images are to feature content and products on your website?

What is a slideshow & why should you add one to your website?

A slideshow is a group of images or text statements that are displayed across your website in a manner that allows them to attract attention. They are normally larger images that display across the page and will switch out every so many milliseconds.

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Example of a slideshow above

Simply adding a slideshow that moves on your page, catches the human eye. By catching the eye of the website visitor, you now have their attention which allows you to say to your visitor “Hey, look at this cool new product!” or “We have a sale going on!”… or whatever you’d like it to say.

By adding a slideshow to your web pages, you are effectively telling your visitors what is important for them to look at, and what is important for you to communicate to them.

Popular ways to use an image slideshow on your website:

  • Promote a product, either new or sale item
  • Promote a sales or service promotion
  • Direct the visitor to important information or company alerts
  • Feature an article or showcase expert content that will provide information, like a blog or technical guide.
  • Showcase a design portfolio

Slideshows allow you to showcase your products & services, as well as content a visitor may be interested in.

A slideshow on your website homepage or shopping cart attracts visitors and directs their attention to what you want to promote to them. You will normally see an immediate bump in your website traffic to those products or pages, and hopefully, if you communicate it properly, a bump in sales.

Contact me and let’s start making your website the best it can be by adding a slideshow to promote your products, services or content.

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