Motivational Monday: Steve Jobs Quote + Building Your Web Presence

Steve Jobs Quote about Overnight Success

If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.

Steve Jobs, American Business Magnate

This quote rings just rings true. Most people think if someone is an overnight success, they came out of nowhere. But truth is, it takes a long time to become successful. How long? There’s no time limit. It’s more about the process of what you are working on, how you’ve built yourself, your products or services, your skills. Over time, they meld into one and they make you the person you are. It takes years to become who you are, so don’t feel that because you failed at one thing, one time, that you won’t be successful down the line. As Steve Jobs said, “most successes took a long time.”

Internet Marketing Success

This is also true with marketing your business. In most cases, businesses succeed by working hard, building relationships, servicing their customers, and standing by their products and services. They build a reputation and they hope this reputation helps them to attract new customers. When I consult my clients for internet marketing, I remind them of this fact. Just because you build a website today, doesn’t mean you’ll be a millionaire tomorrow. It takes time to cultivate your website. Just like any business, you need to market that website to attract more customers.

Increase your chances of success with Internet Marketing Strategies

Marketing a website consists of many layers. I am not going to go into a lot of details on these layers, but instead remind you that to succeed, you do need to remember a few key ways that will help your business expand online.

There is free marketing and then there is paid marketing. Inside both of these categories are many layers of ad types that fit either into the ‘free’ model or ‘paid’ model. Most businesses that are successful use both forms of marketing.

For this moment, I am only going to focus on two web marketing strategies that most of my customers ask about.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process a web marketer uses to code your website and build content that will ‘hopefully’ be indexed in the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…


PPC or Pay-Per-Click Marketing, in simple form, is an advertising campaign you set up inside a search engine or other website that allows you to pay any time your ad is clicked on.

Both SEO and PPC are valuable for businesses and each one serves a different purpose.

With SEO, the hope is that your website will attract customers ‘organically’ by matching your website’s content, products or services with a query that a customer will type into a search engine. SEO used to be much more simpler in the older days of the web, therefore, it’s referred to many times as ‘free’ marketing. But SEO has changed. There is a cost to set up and maintain a website to increase your chances of being visible in search engines.

With PPC, you directly bid on your ad being seen by a customer in a search engine (or other website) offering PPC advertising. Ex: Google Adwords or Microsoft Advertising. This is normally referred to as the ‘paid’ marketing strategy since you are directly paying for an advertisement on a search engine.

The point I am making, which ties in with the quote by Steve Jobs above, is that website success does not come overnight. You need both of these types of marketing strategies to build your business visibility online. What will work for you? Businesses are different and the internet constantly changes, but over time you will find a marketing plan that works well for you combining these two, and other marketing strategies ( social media, etc..) . But, the main point is… you do need time. It doesn’t come overnight.

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