SEO Audit Reporting

SEO Audit Reporting

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit is the process of evaluating your website as to how well it relates to maximizing your presence in search engines. An SEO audit will reveal technical SEO data, website structure information, on and off page SEO data, as well as keyword ranking reporting and content optimization opportunities.

Sample of an SEO Audit Summary Score
Sample of an SEO Audit Summary Score

SEO Audits are a great way to keep your website healthy and optimized for search engines.

Every website should have regular 'check-ups' that help to identify technical or structural issues, as well as opportunities to maximize your content for search engine optimization. By committing to these regular audits, you are increasing your chances of finding and fixing errors that could ultimately affect your rankings (SERP).

SEO Audit Prioritized Hints

What you will get with your SEO Audit

Every SEO Audit Reporting will show you:

  • Prioritized Hints that affect your site's SEO score
  • Recommendations to correct or optimize your site's technical, structural, and content data
  • Expert analysis and help to make the necessary changes to get your site as close to 100 percent as possible.
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